Four Benefits of a Manual Coffee Grinder

If you’re a coffee enthusiast and have never used a manual coffee grinder, you’re missing out on a satisfying aspect of the home brewing process. 

Hand coffee grinders are a serious option for anyone who wants to brew great coffee at home or on the go. Most people think that fresh beans are the key to a better cup, that is true, but it is not the whole story. A consistent grind size that matches the coffee maker you will be using is essential. That is what a manual home grinder delivers. 

They are part of our brewing process, especially when we travel and we want to share why we love them. But before we can get into the benefits, here’s a quick note about the different styles of grinders: burr versus blade.

What are Burr Grinders?

A manual burr coffee grinder is made up of two revolving burrs. As you turn the hand crank, the beans are crushed between a moving grinder wheel and a non-moving surface. Blade grinders, on the other hand, don’t actually grind coffee. They chop and smash it, which is not ideal for a consistent grind size. It is why we always recommend a burr grinder over a blade grinder. 

A More Consistent Grind

Coffee grounds should be the same size to dissolve at the same rate. A burr grinder will help you get the most out of your freshly-roasted coffee beans. It breaks coffee down into evenly-sized grind to ensure an even extraction, giving you the ideal flavour profile.

Most burr grinders allow you the precision to get the grind size you want. With a simple turn of the adjustment gap mechanism, you can change the size of the coffee grinds it produces. Grind coarse coffee for a french press, medium grind for a pour-over, or fine ground for a stovetop espresso maker.

Saving You on Counter Space and Money

Who doesn't want to save on space and money? A hand grinder gives you both. They are smaller and less expensive than automatic models. 

A manual burr coffee grinder runs you about $40, whereas a similar automatic grinder will cost you at least $100 to get the same quality. 

They are compact enough to tuck away in a cupboard or pack in your bag while on vacation or camping. 

But don't let the size and affordability fool you. A manual coffee grinder will still provide you with the results you are looking for, giving you a consistent grind for a fraction of the cost of automatic models. 

Coffee on the Go

A manual coffee grinder is ideal for travelling or camping. It is small enough to fit inside your bag and take with you. With no requirement for electricity, it provides a fresh grind no matter where you are. Conversely, an electric grinder is going to be much heavier, and there is no place to plug it in on your backcountry adventures. 

Be sure to get a manual grinder that comes with an extra jar and lid so that you can keep some fresh grounds easily accessible and ready to brew. If you want to up your coffee-on-the-go game, we can take care of your mug or French press.

The Simplicity of Routine

Sure, an electric grinder is more convenient. You can have the beans ground in a second. But, sometimes, it is not all about convenience. Sometimes it is nice to unplug and take the time while doing something you are passionate about. It shows that you care about the whole process. 

A manual grinder will give you a slower process when you are up before the sun. Slow in the good way, giving you time to savour the experience. Whether you prefer press, pour-over or stovetop for making your coffee, a grinder will fill your space with the aromas of freshly ground coffee. 

Additionally, a hand-cranked grinder produces barely any noise, so you will not wake up anyone in your home; this is especially important if you have little ones sleeping. 

If all of these benefits don't entice you, remember that it is a hand-crank machine, giving you a free mini-workout every morning!