About Us

Arrowhead Coffee Company is Canadian SOF Veteran Owned and Operated, and was inspired while on deployments with the Canadian Armed Forces. We bring you Canadian roasted premium coffee right to your door.

Our mission isn't just great coffee, but it's to give back to the greater Sheepdog community incl. but not limited to Veteran, Law Enforcement and Emergency services.

We do this by supporting Team Rubicon Canada, Canna Connect, the V42 Foundation and various initiatives like "the Arrowhead Coffee Cup" challenge.

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Our Passion

We are passionate about people. We love helping, conversing, learning and building. Great coffee is what bring us together, and it’s the fuel that ignites us to take a positive role in our world. We taste many coffees every year, and only select the few that we find unique. We choose coffee that inspires us to be better, and roasting profiles that make us feel alive.If you visit our roasting facility, it is not uncommon to find us obsessed with the consistency, expression and taste details. To serve good coffee means to follow a cycle. Serving a good coffee comes down to the subtleties and nuances. Those are the places where our passion resides.

Who We Support

Eva Foam
Team Rubicon Canada

We're excited to announce that we’re proudly sponsoring Team Rubicon Canada 🇨🇦 OP Fortitude May 2020 w/ some well deserved #coffee..For those of you who don’t know Team Rubicon Canada unites skilled military veterans with first responders to serve disaster-affected communities at home and abroad.

Arrowhead Coffee Cup Challenge

Arrowhead Coffee Company and Toronto Police Service 42 Division B Platoon teamed up and raised $500 for Toronto Beyond the Blue.

To join the challenge, contact us.

Eva Foam
V42 Foundation

We donate coffee and swag to many goodwill fundraisers, events and organizations. WE LOVE doing those things and will continue to do so. Being able to support as many people as we can within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Law Enforcement Agencies and First-Responder Community will always be a part of our business model.

Join Our Team

At Arrowhead Coffee, our mission is to ensure you're always motivated by coffee. Are you a member of the Sheepdog Community? Join a team of fun, talented, and dedicated people looking to improve the world we live in….with coffee.