Manual Burr Coffee Grinder - 100g

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Garry Anderson
Perfect little grinder

Bought this with my bottle of Whiskey coffee beans.
Excellent grinder and easy to operate.
The bonus bottle is handy to store my extra grounds.
Multiple grind settings.

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Great little grinder. Grinds very evenly. Just be patient, it will eventually fill the little jar.
It’s not a fast grinder, but does do a good job.

Best grinder I've used

I used to use a Hario one but the way I tend to hold the grinder meant it would occasionally slip out of my hand or the handle would come loose, spilling everything to the ground. So I bought this to replace the Hario I destroyed and I wish I had just bought this one first. This grinder is perfect for the way I hold it and I really like how fast and smooth it felt, even though I was grinding so much more at once compared to the single cups I used to grind. I also like how it comes with an extra jar so I can store preground coffee; I used to have to manually grind coffee every single time I drink coffee and I generally drink three cups a day. The grip is really easy to hold onto, and the grinder itself is pretty, in my opinion, so I can place it around as decoration when I'm not using it. I only had it for about a day and I already recommended it to my family and friends.

Fr. Jeremy Burrows
Perfect for the Workplace

I use this grinder at work in conjunction with the French Press. It works wonderfully. I would recommend this grinder to anyone.