Welcome Back To The Grind

We’re back to work now too and we just wanted to take a second to remember this past year and what it meant to us.

In the past year we have birthed Arrowhead Coffee Company out of the womb of your average Canadians wanting something of their own. From scratch we have presented to you six different types of coffee blends, shirts, hoodies, hats and mugs. We have at one point sold out of every apparel item and mug having to restock them a couple times. Doesn’t sound like anything crazy to you but to us it has been wild. We have shipped coffee to what it feels like every single corner in Canada. We have also had orders to the United states, Australia, The UK, Ukraine, Japan, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq.

There are so many people that have hooked us up, helped us out and given advice, but the main person we want to thank is you. Thank you to the men and women that believe in our products to have us in your kitchens, offices, work trucks, rucksacks on exercise and on deployment.  It is always a gamble when you put out your thoughts and ideas into products for the world to enjoy and you hope they share the same tastes, views and beliefs.

 We now sell our products in several stores across Canada and more to come in 2018.  We were fortunate enough to sponsor the Rolling Barrage Motorcycle Ride (to help raise awareness for Combat PTSD), Eastern Ontario IDPA Shooting Matches, Canadian National Steel Shooting Challenge and the V-42 foundation. We have had booths set up at events with CDN Gunworx, WGT Consulting, Tactical Beaver, Grayfox Strategic, S&J Hardware…many more awesome Canadian companies and people to say the least. We have been lucky to work with some amazing photographers such as Athena Media Group, Fineline Studios, Tim Banfield, Skytography, Jeff Teague and Jeff Fierberg. The pictures that our customers have been sending in or posting have also been top notch. 

Lastly thanks to all Canadians that didn’t get to enjoy the holidays with their families and friends this season. Including all CAF, Public Security, Global Affairs Workers, and Emergency Services back home. 2018 is a big year for us and we hope to bring more to you.

Stay Caffeinated - Stay Safe.

Arrowhead Coffee Company Ltd.