On The Road!!

Getting After It in 2018

First and foremost, congratulations to Urban Tactical - Brantford, Ontario!! They just celebrated their 5 year anniversary this past weekend (January 13th, 2017)  and they were gracious enough to invite us out to participate in their event. These guys are another awesome store in Canada on our Friends of ACC page, that stock us on their shelves.


How do we even begin to describe Urban Tactical? The phrase that comes to mind is 'One Stop Shop'! These guys cater to Police, Paramedics, Fire, Military, Security Professionals and Outdoor Enthusiasts. They carry premium brands that have been tried and tested. Footwear, apparel, knives, bags/cases and all the accessories in between. Oh, and they have 2 indoor ranges at their Brantford, Ontario location.

The Event!

 In total we drove about 12 hours to get to Brantford and back this weekend (which was nuts), but the journey was well worth the ride. We drove through the night and a flash freeze, got stuck in traffic on the 401 for ..... (see image below)

We packed chew, crushed spotify and as you'd think, downed our coffee and energy drinks to make it into the parking lot for 7am. It's hard to understand but there is something unique about every single one of these shows that we do or have done so far and we wouldn't change it for a second. Everybody has a story, and we love meeting our customers face to face. Getting to have a cup of coffee with them and getting to know who they are and how Arrowhead Coffee Company fits into their lifestyle is the best part of these events.  

We had the opportunity to meet with customers who have been enjoying our coffee and gear for some time now. Thanks to Canadian Patriot Podcast for coming to visit and our notorious friend from insta @thecanadiangunvault. We introduced our coffee, gear and ourselves to new customers and we got to catch up with old friends. Not to mention new friends from S.W.A.T and 5.11.

As previously mentioned, the facilities and staff at Urban Tactical are amazing. All of their range officers were experienced  and knowledgeable shooters. Numerous range officers and staff are Canadian Military Veterans, LE and a few still serving which we love to see. We were fortunate enough to shoot their Glocks, 1911's, M4's, Scorpions and a few other weapons. Granted we were shooting for right of passage, not for bitcoins. Next time you're in the area check them out and grab a bag of our coffee while you're there!

What's to Come.........

Keep an eye out on our social media, Arrowhead Coffee Company on Facebook and @arrowheadcoffeeco on Instagram. We have another event coming up on January 27th in Pembroke, Ontario with the guys from GoHuntBirds.com. More to follow on this event as the date draws near and way more events in 2018. Check out our Friends of ACC page for other amazing stores like these guys that might be in your area.