We donate coffee and swag to many goodwill fundraisers, events and organizations. WE LOVE doing those things and will continue to do so. Being able to support as many people as we can within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Law Enforcement Agencies and First-Responder Community will always be a part of our business model.

We decided when we started this company that we would pick an organization that we would be loyal to in giving and that meant a portion of each and every sale. We wanted to support an organization that is first off Canadian, so the money is staying within Canada. Secondly, one that supports those that are still in the CAF doing the business and their families.

The V42 Foundation couldn't be a better fit. They are an unreal organization that helps men and women within the community relentlessly and without boundaries. We are proud to say a portion of every sale of ours goes back to supporting them and in turn the community. So in saying this, we will provide statements below when money has been donated so you know that a portion of your hard earned cash is going to something meaningful when you purchase any of our products.



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  1. Donation #1  2017
  2. Donation #2 2018
  3. Donation #3  2018