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We have been getting a lot of questions recently if we sell K-Cups or any kind of Coffee pods.  As a new company we definitely looked into it and after doing some research... well in short, we don't. What we're going to talk about in a few words is why we don't sell disposable C-cups, E-Cups, Z-Cups or whatever else people call them these days (a.k.a coffee pods or k-cups). We are not taking credit for any of this info in the article below, sources are listed at the bottom from what we have researched.


First off, we understand why people have these disposable coffee pod machines. Why? Because it's so friggen easy! Listen, when you wake up in the morning the last thing most people want to do is:

  1. Fill the coffee machine with water.
  2. Grind coffee.  
  3. Take the old wet filter with wet coffee that your significant other forgot to clean from the night before.
  4. Put in a new filter.
  5. Scoop the coffee into the filter.
  6. Wait for the machine to heat up and start pissing the black stuff into the pot which seems like eternity.

We get it...easy sells! Humans are Notoriously L.A.Z.Y. All you want to do is put in a new disposable pod and a mug under the machine and press "go" and vuhalla (we definitely didn't spell that right) your hot coffee has appeared. Sounds great right? Sure, if all you want is plastic burnt coffee, to crush the environment and a save few extra seconds of your day, but lets be honest:


Sure there might be a few of these disposable coffee pods that are better then others, but the facts remain the same: It tastes like office coffee 24/7 with a mix of hazelnut; or shit mixed with mint would be another way to write it. The coffee that is in these pods is for the most part not very or barely fresh as it has sat on a shelf for a couple weeks in your local box store. Is it drinkable? For sure! Can you get used to it? Yes. Is it the best coffee? Nope! Why are you paying for it? ***Silence***! 

Arrowhead Coffee is premium coffee, roasted weekly and will be coming fresh to your door.

Making conventional coffee through coffee pots, french press, or a fancy self-bean-grinder-magic-coffee-machine will always produce better quality coffee as long as you dose it right. The extra time is worth it for quality and will save you money as the K-cup cost is through the roof.


Da.k.a $800 a year just on home coffee with pods...

According to the New York times the average American is paying $50 US per pound (before shipping/taxes) on coffee pods. Now compare that to our premium fresh coffee at $17.99 CAD per pound (before shipping/taxes) on fresh roasted coffee beans. In an article by the Huffington post put out in 2015 the average American drinks 2.1 cups a day. In a year they are spending over $800 USD on coffee pods compared to people making conventional coffee spend close to $200. That's Insane! Especially at home, living with a significant other who also drinks the same amount and if you have guests over its even more. Lets face it, as Canadians we put up with the B.S. of having ridiculously long winters and we feel we crush way more caffiene to survive.

So What Do I Do Now?

So you have a pod machine and you're like:

"Well I dumped $200 dollars into this bad boy, what do I do now!?!"

Easy, buy our premium coffee here and get the refillable K-cups or pods from somewhere else. Google it, Amazon it, Bing it, Walmart it or just go to your local grocery store and get one. Click here for a couple examples from Trust us, it's worth it! It's what a lot of our customers have already been doing, its also better for the environment as these disposable coffee pods are extremely wasteful.

Just be careful depending on the machine they only accept certain refillable pods, unless you want to spend the time on youtube to life hack it. If this doesn't suit you, get a french press until you can afford a really fancy machine. Old school but some things just work. Our coffee will taste better, it is fresher and weirdly enough will save you some money in the long run.



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